We Have A Dream” is a series of youth entertainment open mics, showcases and competitions for aspiring young artist 8-18. This opportunity provides a platform for successful young entertainers to take center stage, build a fan base, network and sell merchandise. Youth from across the state showcase their extraordinary and […]

We Have A Dream : Youth Performance Series

What is the Star Card? “The Star Card is love stored inside your pocket or wallet” – Sharina Johnson It features up to 50 local businesses in Harrisburg which offer discounts on products and services to our members. This fundraiser supports Harrisburg’s local economy by providing discounts to business we […]


  Star City Youth Performance Group was formed from Star City Summer Enrichment Experience in partnership with City Art Space. City Art Space’s owner Amanda aka known as 330 an international music artist and teacher at Camp Curtain Elementary help crafted 4 tracks with 9 students ages 11-15 during the […]

Star City Squad