What is the Star Card?

  • “The Star Card is love stored inside your pocket or wallet” – Sharina Johnson
  • It features up to 50 local businesses in Harrisburg which offer discounts on products and services to our members.
  • This fundraiser supports Harrisburg’s local economy by providing discounts to business we love.
  • The Star Card exposes members to new businesses in the area.
  • The card benefits both youth programs and community growth.
  • This great opportunity to send customers to the businesses that choose to support Star City’s mission and the Community Fund.

Who does Star Card benefit youth programs and community growth?

  • 75% of the money raised from the card will fund the operating cost of Star City Community & Arts. The fundraiser will help the center renovate the space, buy new equipment, provide more scholarships for the program and pay stipends to the instructors and performing artist.
  • 25% of the money raised will go into The Community Love Fund. This foundation will be developed for funds for community emergencies, development, and other youth programs.
  • Other non-profits can sell the Star Card to raise funds for their programs and initiatives.

How does Star Card benefit local economic growth? 

  • Star Card benefits local business by giving them the opportunity of receiving free advertisement on our website by offering a discount.
  • STAR CARD benefits cardholders by saving them money and exposing them to new businesses.
  • STAR CARD benefits community growth by funding community programs, initiatives, and emergencies.
  • STAR CARD benefits youth by funding programs that keep them off the streets and in safe environments where they could be productive.

Contact us today to get your organization, association, business or employer involved.


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