Star City Community & Arts is a new art center for youth, families and artists, located in Allison Hill Harrisburg. We recently completed our summer program and now developing our fall and winter program. Our fall and winter program will operate during after school hours, 3p-6p, Monday-Friday. Some of the activities include homework help/tutoring, art workshops, leadership training and fitness or recreational classes.

Mission Statement:

SCCA is dedicated to providing a resourceful safe haven for artistic education, expression, and development for underserved youth, families and artists.

What are all the elements of Star City?


  • Youth Programs It’s our responsibility to provide safe, loving and caring environments for our youth to flourish.
  • Rental Space Our studios are perfect for individuals or organizations to help grow their company and for artists to develop and showcase their talents. The studios could also be used for small celebrations including graduation dinners, youth birthdays and baby showers.
  • Multimedia Services we partner with local artists to help design and develop your brand needs.
  • Resource Center the ultimate locations to get all of your needs meet. Coming Soon!
  • Artistic Events Star City supports local artists!


Outside of Star City programs other organizations use the facility to host their classes. Check programs for more information about all the programs Star City offers.



Selflessness to sacrifice your interest while serving another. To give without expectation.

Teamwork to effectively work together to overcome obstacles.

Attitude to have a respectable positive perceptive toward self and others.

Respect honor everyone as you would like to be served.

Community Engagement to give to your community, it’s our obligations to better its state.

Integrity to do what’s right, even when no one is watching,

Thrive to flourish within adversity.

Youth Empowerment to engage positivity with our seeds and help nourish them to become the best version of their self.