Thank you for you interest in IMPACTING our youth in our communities both personally and artistically.  SCCA’s volunteers are vital in completing our mission to best serve our community. We rely heavily on the support of our volunteers to govern our policies, plan programs and for our funding development.

We have various volunteering opportunities, find the one that best compliments your passion.

(Left to Right) Chantel Motes, Tammy Sperry, Keya Wilson, Paris Williams & Laesha Williams (Sewing Class Instructors

What volunteer positions are open at Star City?

Visual Art Instructors                            Performing Arts Instructors

Homework Help Tutors                       Food Servers

Field Trip Monitor                                 Administrative Assistant

Resource Center Manager                 Resource Center Assistant

Public Relations Manager                  Multimedia Developer

Program Assistant Manger                Legal Specialist

Promotional Team                               Receptionist

Graphic Artist                                       Fundraiser Team

Program Director                                Youth Impacter

How to become a Star City IMPACTER in 7 easy steps

1. Obtain Child Abuse History Clearances

Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearances (CY113)

Child Abuse Clearance can be obtained through the Child Welfare Portal.

Pennsylvania Criminal Record Checks for Volunteers (SP4-164A)

Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal History Check can be obtained here.

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Criminal Background Checks

A FBI Fingerprint Criminal History Clearance is obtained by registering on the Cogent, Inc. website.

For more information about the clearances visit the PA Department of Human Services. 

2.  Fill out Star City’s Volunteer Application and email it to or bring the application to the center.

3.  Contact our SCCA Representative at for your interview or SCCA’s next volunteer orientation.

At the interview /orientation ( Bring a valid ID)

4. Review The Goals, Values, Vision and Policies

5. Fill out Star City Volunteer Agreement

6. Fill out Star City’s Curriculum Planner

7. Impact as many youth as possible!